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Highly qualified & Experienced Applicants:
Members of 6bridges.com include Indian alumni from select Tier-I technology, business and accounting institutes in India and globally. They are among the most sought after professionals for companies in India and abroad. 6bridges.com promises and ensures strict confidentiality to its members. Only those members who are open to exploring new job opportunities will be assisted as per their requirements and with their consent. The CareersDesk helps companies by identifying, marketing to and shortlisting willing applicants from this premier group for particular positions. Contact careersdesk (careersdesk@6bridges.com) and let your company tap into this most premier segment of Indian professionals globally.

Applicants from around the world ready to relocate
A significant proportion of 6bridges.com members are either alumni from premier technology, business and accounting institutes who have thereafter gone abroad for further studies and employment, or are Indian alumni from very select technology, business and accounting institutes globally. Increasing number of highly qualified Indian professionals abroad are willing to relocate back to India. Companies can effectively target the high end of this segment either for jobs abroad or in India.

CareersDesk helps to identify and shortlist candidates
The Careersdesk plays a proactive role in identifying the ideally suited and willing candidates for a particular position, marketing the company and job to them and helping the company in filling up open positions in the best possible way.

Contact Us and allow us to help you
Please send us a mail (careersdesk@6bridges.com) and allow us to help you.

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